Usually we just hear it by accident, our score is a number that rates our credit rating below 90 percent.

Credit bureau score

Credit bureau score

We are having trouble borrowing and can not afford to pay more for most online retailers.

The problems are getting bigger, with many you pile up and at all the Credit bureau score is not completely uninvolved. According to the Credit bureau, the score is just a hint and has no direct impact on the decision of the entrepreneur who does not want to offer credit to his customers.

Whether the online retailer or the mobile service provider offers credit to their customers is entirely up to the entrepreneur. The online retailer, the craftsman or our dentist, I want to protect more and more entrepreneurs from any payment defaults of their contractual partners and so companies like the Credit bureau are becoming more and more in demand. Without a Credit bureau information almost nothing runs today.

For this very reason, it is very important that the Credit bureau score works properly and without errors. We need to be sure that the data stored and transmitted to us by the credit bureaus is also correct.

The police officer without credit.

The police officer without credit.

Today I have read a very interesting article about a young police officer from Berlin in the morning mail. A story about a young policeman who has been fighting for his creditworthiness for some time. What happened to him is not an isolated case in Germany.

Suddenly no longer creditworthy, the payment services he has often used refuse him because of a supposedly bad credit rating, the payment by direct debit. From this point on, the policeman became very suspicious. Despite his relatively good income and always punctually paid bills, he is suddenly no longer creditworthy. His score has deteriorated by a few percentage points for unexplainable reasons.

Of course, there is no direct explanation that would be understandable. Also, the requested self-reports, bring no light in the dark and the question why his score is so bad, will probably remain unanswered for a long time.

Who or what is to blame for the bad rating. The police officer has moved once and often used the services of several car rental companies. He had two small loans that he proved to be on time. His income is not bad and his job relatively safe. Where is the mistake that has cost him his creditworthiness.

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