The loan for students without income is now available at many banks, but also the Intrasavings Bank Group as Dundes Bank grants such loans. “If you get enough income, up-to-date lenders in the form of banks and other financial services providers are demanding high levels of collateral protection from the borrower. Students rarely have a fixed monthly income. The procedure for examining a installment or rescheduling is not regulated differently for students. See for an observation

Loans without solid earnings as a student? Is there something like that?

Loans without solid earnings as a student? Is there something like that?

Now I want to replace the card with an instant loan, that is, a kind of rescheduling. I have no fixed income and a part time job where I earn 100-400 per month (so very variable) Most student loans do not give a one time payment but monthly amounts. Is there an instant lender who does not need a fixed income?

Is a student loan known with a one-time payment?

Is a student loan known with a one-time payment?

There are several ways to pay for your university studies. As the recent DWH 2012 Social Survey shows, students use their own mothers (87%), jobs (63%), Bachelor of Arts (32%), student loans (6%) and study grants (4%) mainly for study design. They can usually pay for their university studies via family, profession and Bachelor of Arts.

For example, those who are not entitled to a Bachelor’s degree, whose legal guardians are unable to pay for their livelihood or who simply can not afford the monthly allowance, are entitled to special student loans or student loans. These loans from state promotional or regional banks are tuition (a form of student discount credit) and work the same as normal loans: the student agrees to a monthly payment with the house bank for a specific period of study (for the whole duration of the study or for a limited period only) and at the end of this period the principal paid (loans) plus default interest must be reimbursed to the house bank.

Because the loan gives you a lot of debt as a student, you should only take a loan if none of the other sources are suitable for you. Is a student loan without a fixed income available or does the income of the guardians play an important role? 3. A big advantage of the student loan is the independence of income and other grants such as: B. Educational allowance and Credit Aid.

So you can graduate at any time a student loan. Neither your own income nor that of your family is important. These are the main requirements of the student loan: You must have reached the age of 18 at the time of application. They must not exceed the specified minimum age; this is usually the 30th year, and the student loan from  Intrasavings is also the 44th.

If you are looking for a financing abroad and have a permanent residence there, student loans are often not possible due to this condition. The student loans work all the same and go through the following three steps: – The study financing: Payout phase: In this period, the desired amount of money is paid within a specified period.

The duration of this period can be one to 14 semesters. Rest period: The loan payment is followed by a rest period. The student does not receive any more cash here, but does not have to pay anything to the house bank. It can last for three to 24 months. Redemption Phase: The final stage is the redemption phase.

After the rest period, this stage begins, regardless of the income at that time. For some credit institutions, this time can take up to 25 years, depending on the amount of the monthly repayment (eg in the case of the Intrasavings loan repayment). Depending on the service provider, it may be possible to postpone or postpone repayments when you are in financial difficulties – for example, if you are unable to work due to an accident or illness.

Although all three levels listed above have joint student loans, they are very different in detail. Each individual house bank has its own terms and conditions, especially in these areas: Loan Amount: The minimum and maximum amount that will be paid out to you throughout the period under review. Monthly Payment: The minimum and maximum amount that will be paid out to you every month.

Interest: The interest rate of your loan affects how high your debt at the house bank ultimately is. Term: The minimum or maximum period over which the balance will be paid to you. Age: For all offers is a maximum age, up to which the balance is paid to you. Loan repayment: how quickly you have to start repaying, how many years the repayment can take and how much the minimum amount to pay monthly.

Each student loan has other special requirements and functions that the student loan may or may not be of interest to you. These include, for example: required guarantees, a current account at the house bank, a student loan without proof of performance, the promotion of foreign assignments and much more. If you are no longer able to carry out your current activity, you will be paying out cash every day – and in a few moments you will be able to fully apply on the Internet.

The most important selection criterion for your student loan is the interest explained above. The lower, the better, because your debt does not grow superfluous and with a fixed effective interest rate you keep an eye on your debt and can calculate your loan repayment exactly (eg with the repayment calculator of Intrasavings).

But what is the cheapest student loan for you and your requirements? Before graduating, you should find out some crucial things about yourself, your studying, and what to expect from the loan. Do you even receive a student loan during your studies? Some banks only support students studying at public universities.

You would like to change your subject or spend a semester abroad? What about student loans abroad? Do you need the loan only for a certain amount of time? How much time do you need after graduation to start working life? When and how long should the rest period last and when should the repayment start?

The two most prestigious student loans are the Intrasavings Student Loan and the Student Loans of the DFR. Loans for students are offered at low prices throughout Germany. In addition, there is a student loan of the StudPart or other private providers, but often have only a regional offer or pay a loan only under certain conditions (master’s degree, etc.).

In the StudentAsk 2013 all (further) sponsors and addresses are also represented on the website of the Stiftung Warentest The winner of the Studienkredittest was the Intrasavings (Intrasavings).

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